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Carol Donaldson – Musical Director / Composer

Welcome to my updated website! I’m Carol Donaldson and I’m a Manchester based musical director / composer of 30 years experience and have been leading community singing since 2000 using the ‘Natural voice’ approach – singing is our birth-right and should be accessible to all – we all have a voice but are often inhibited about using it.

‘A person that doesn’t sing is like an unstruck gong’


Singing in harmony together boosts the immune system and endorphins, de-stresses, and creates joy, connection, community and harmony!

Using accessible songs, old and new, from all around the world, and 3 / 4 part harmonies everyone, from unsure beginners to seasoned singers, can create a wonderful group sound and experience together.

I run 3 big community choirs, 2 health & well-being choirs and ‘From Discord to Harmony’ singing workshops all around the UK.

I also write bespoke songs and music for rep theatre, including some new musicals and compose for television and radio. (See ‘Composing for theatre and TV / Radio’ page for more info.)

I love leading humongous groups of people in singing, including 1,000 at National Street Choirs Hebden Bridge and 2,000 at the anti-Trump rally in Manchester last year on the stage at Albert Square.

One thousand voices

I’ve led communal singing at One World Summer Festival since 2001 and now lead the singing at Sun and Moon Festival 

‘Uplifting, empowering and utterly beautiful. And this is all down to Carol’s amazing teaching. I didn’t want it to stop MORE PLEASE.’

Penny, Sun Moon participant

I’ve also run teambuilding workshops – singing communally breaks down all barriers between people – as we’re all in the same boat!

‘Carol Donaldson is an alchemist! In no time she turns base metal into musical gold.’

Jon Athawes