Here’s what some people have said to recommend Carol’s work


Joe Sumsion, Artistic Director @ The Dukes, Lancaster.

“Carol is a brilliant composer and Musical Director to work with in the theatre. She has worked at The Dukes for three years running on our Christmas shows and has delighted our audiences with wonderful, funny and catchy songs. Carol is great with actors and is a superb singing coach – and a fantastic person to have in a team. I’m very happy to recommend Carol”.

Debbie Oates, BAFTA award winning TV and theatre writer

“Carol is a joy to work with. As well as being a hugely talented composer, able to work in all kinds of musical styles to suit any show, she also has the ability to listen to and interpret the requests of non-musical people (like me), as they clumsily try to explain what they’re looking for. Carol is patient and flexible throughout the process, always delivering excellent compositions from comedy through to proper tear-jerking pathos. I have no hesitation in recommending her”

Rachel Wood, founder of WOODWORK MUSIC http://www.woodworkmusic.co.uk/

“Carol’s incredible knowledge and love of music from all genres, eras and countries feeds her considerable compositional talents and makes her really stand out from the crowd. She has music in her soul and brings her love of it to everyone she works with and you can hear it in her music.”

Katy Jones: Executive Producer BBC Learning and Managing Director at Child’s Eye Media

”Carol is a wonderfully talented musician, composer, and musical director. She writes beautifully for theatre and film – with a real sensitivity to the mood, tone and style of a piece. She has a particular gift for writing music for children’s television. Carol always gives 100% energy and commitment to whatever she undertakes. It’s a real pleasure to work with her.”

*Katy Jones died suddenly on April 24th ’15 – am still reeling from her death – an inspirational person. Guardian obituary: http://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2015/may/06/katy-jones

Sharon Stoneham: Co Director at Q Creative North West Network Services

“I have had the professional opportunity to work with Carol now on two occasions. Our first encounter was some years back, her musical talents were used as MD on our Christmas show at the Library Theatre.

Since then I have seen much of Carol’s work with other companies. Hence, I was delighted at her appointment as MD on ‘Slave – A question of freedom’, which played at The Lowry Theatre, Salford.

Her music and her abilities to teach actors and the community alike, are second to none. Her creations speak volumes and I have no doubts in recommending Carol to future projects.”


‘Carol liberates the voice for so many people -what an uplifting experience to sing in her choir!’ Jenny Pepper One World participant.

‘Carol’s workshops are always fun!’ Ros Bellamy, One World participant

‘Carol is an absolutely stunning teacher, full of energy, humour and superb musical ability’ Andy Mapplebeck, Ipswich

‘Beautiful experience – never heard a group of people harmonize so quickly’. Sun & Moon Festival 2018

‘I only joined the choir at the last minute but I am so grateful I did. Now I hold in my memory an experience of one of the most beautiful sounds I ever heard. Thank you! X ‘ Johanna, Sun & Moon Festival 2018

‘It’s so rare to find a choir teacher that is so powerful, energetic, musical and beautiful. Carol brings so many voices together with so much love its overwhelming. It was a fantastic experience and I hope to go through it again soon’ Beatriz Cabecadas, Portugal.

(Thank you all so much for your comments! Carol)