Welcome to my SPRING blog!

 Have had a great couple of months. As some of you know, I have had a difficult few years of close bereavement and loss but it now feels like I’ve found my mojo again!

I’m starting’Singing Tribe’events in Manchester – big gatherings of people singing just to be in the moment.  No gigs, no performing, just being together singing simple meaningful songs to uplift and soothe.

First one is on Mother’s Day and we’ll be singing lots of mother honouring songs.

Next one will be in a month or so.

I’m also expanding my singing workshops across the country and this year have had a lovely time in February and March doing them in Worcester and Chichester.

Next one set to be in Chester hosted by Caldy Valley Voices on May 4th.

“From Discord to Harmony” Workshop

Hoping to be in Bristol in November and wanting to do ones in Norwich and Swansea at some point.

Let me know if you can link me up to organise one near you.

I enjoyed some brief minutes of fame when ‘Cold Feet’ Episodes 5 and 6 hit ITV in Feb! My lovely ‘Rhythm of Life’ Choir did themselves proud J  Am so glad they used a REAL choir for cancer patients. I’ve been running that choir for 5 years now and they are an inspirational group of people.

 And my ‘Hay ho’ warm ups have now been seen by millions! Video clip here

I’ve also had some great gigs with my choirs including singing with ‘Open Voice’ at Manchester Cathedral for Hate Crime Awareness week, singing at Asylum Seekers fundraiser, and for International Women’s Day event at Theatre Clwyd.

Here’s Wrexham Community Choir in their Suffragette colours.

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Well, it does us our hearts good to KEEP SINGING together in these strange times. I have a vision of getting everyone in the Houses of Parliament to sing songs of unity and peace, so that they all might start working TOGETHER!

That’s all for now.

Wishing you much harmony,


ITV’s Cold Feet – choir

Have you been watching the new series? Jen joins a choir, and it was my Rhythm of Life Choir ! We were on in a cameo on Monday 11th Feb and are set to feature on 18th February for the season finale .

Hopefully it’ll spread the message to millions of viewers that singing together is bonding, uplifting and great for body, mind and spirit.

Here’s what Fay Ripley (Jenny) had to say about it….

TV Times

“I loved the choir experience on Cold Feet so much. My mum went for the first time on Saturday and she absolutely loved it! So she’s started in a choir and I’m chuffed! Honestly filming it was such a lovely and uniting experience. But for me personally it wouldn’t work because I’m a show-off and I’d want to get all the attention! I couldn’t just sing along with everyone else!”

Fay Ripley, Yahoo Celebrity UK interview with Laura Hannam

Jenny joins a local choir. Did you get to sing for real?

It is really me singing on screen although I don’t have to sing solo. I’m not surprised choirs are such a big deal now. The whole experience is very uplifting. Especially if you have someone at the helm who is really inspirational.

Fay Ripley, British Comedy Guide interview

Old News

In September I conducted a huge singing event in Wrexham ‘Singing Streets’ where I led 1,000 singers 🙂

November was busy…

I led the anthems on the pitch for the Wales/ Ireland rugby match with my Wrexham One World Community Choir. 

My North West Stroke recovery choir won a national award (Life After Stroke Award) and we went to a posh hotel in London on a coach, drank free champagne and performed to a live streamed red carpet evening full of celebrities. There was Juliette Stevenson, Warren Davies, Rob Bryden, Chico (who had a stroke the month before, loved our choir!) and lot of other celebs who were wasted on me!

We got our award from Baroness Floella Benjamin, Stephanie Beacham and Mark Goodier.

Here’s the write up of the event, and they also made this lovely film about the choir.

Carol Donaldson – North West Community Stroke Choir

Later that week I filmed for BBC Watchdog with my Open Voice choir in Manchester. We filmed for hours singing 7 different songs, all about waiting (It was about energy companies keeping people waiting on the phone).

I composed 7 different ditties, but, we were only on telly for a minute at the most. They say it takes a day of filming to make one minute of television …